Taintstop. The proven in-feed solution to combat boar taint

Taintstop® is an innovative, non-invasive and cost-effective dietary concept to produce healthy, tasty pork. The in-feed solution efficiently reduces boar taint by modulating gut fermentation and decreasing the offensive odour-causing compounds.
TAINTSTOP is the only hassle-free, nutritional alternative to piglet castration.

The animal-friendly alternative to castration

For centuries, pigs have been castrated to prevent boar taint. However, a potential ban on routine castration in European pig herds is looming with public and consumer concerns for animal welfare, supported by pressure from a number of governmental and non-governmental organisations – including from the pig industry.


is the perfect nutritional alternative to piglet castration that significantly decreases the offensive odour-causing compounds in pig meat.

This award winning in-feed solution not only reduces boar taint, it is also a risk-free alternative for the farmer and is perfectly acceptable to consumers who want healthy, tasty pork. Furthermore, it guarantees animal welfare as surgical, and often painful, castration is no longer needed. And that is good news, because you can be 100% in compliance with the new upcoming European legislation.

Thanks to this innovative and cost-effective feeding solution, pig producers can increase their profitability while pigs will be able to ‘hang loose’ again ... Everybody loves TAINTSTOP. How about you?

TAINTSTOP provides an animal welfare and environmental-friendly approach to boar taint with a positive impact on pig health, at affordable cost.
Guy Janssens
Director of Feed Additives & Specialties Division

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